“Open Wide Your Hearts”

We have spoken freely to you, Corinthians, and opened wide our hearts to you. We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us. As a fair exchange — I speak as to my children — open wide your hearts also. Paul to the Corinthians

James Coleman

When your heart is closed up, closed down, out of order, malfunctioning,

and you are tempted to hate your enemy,

hate the one who is different than you, hate the one who annoys you.

Or even if you begin to think: well I’m pretty special, look at my spiritual gifts,

His desire is for the soul’s soul to make an appearance

the moon and Mars and Venus to keep dancing

the roar and the rowdiness of the drunk down the street.


His desire is for the rest that comes in the arms of the Beloved.

Mine is of course to win the 456 million dollar lottery

so i can be someone, be someone.

To be known, and admired,

so i can be someone, be someone.

His is to know the pure cleansing power of the rain.

Mine is to write something that someone someday might read.

I kid. I tease.

(Each one the very Body of God)

Initial thoughts.

Thomas Merton, in 1966, declared that our first and last duty as human beings is “to be human in this most inhuman of ages, to guard the image of man for it is the image of God.

What does that mean: to guard the image of man, for it is the image of God?

It means, I think, to recognize that everyone carries within them the spark of the divine. That everyone is, like Mary, a carrier of the divine, a God-bearer.

When we come across the face of another, we are invited to see the face of…

All Souls Church, Colorado Springs. 8–15–21 roger butts

Have you ever thought to yourself: what would my growing up be like, if we did an acknowledgment in school every morning that noted whose land we were sitting on, which tribes occupied the same space we occupied?

You might come to ask yourself: how did this happen? How did we get here? You might to a place where you ask your teachers the same thing.

You then might have a deeper sense of what the trail of tears really meant. Or some broken treaty you heard about in school.

If you heard it enough, you might even start asking…

Once in Annapolis
we were invited to walk
the grounds of a sculpture garden
specifically designed for the blind.
Or maybe Durham, or Boone.

Iowa City

It wasn’t Iowa City
that is the place
where you tour
the bars where the drunk
teachers at the workshop
drank and talked and danced.

The statues stood next to a bay
or a lake, and the statues appeared
to have come out of them.
The blind man next to us said,
the statues are made of water,
as humans are.

The water flows through their veins
their throats, their eyes,
oh so much from their eyes,
and water…

The Principles Behind the Book, Seeds of Devotion

I was playing tennis at Memorial Park the other day. The sun was blasting. A number of us took shelter under a gazebo. Loud squawking. A mother bird and a nest and a couple of baby birds were at the highest point of the gazebo inside, living their life. Mama bird was not overjoyed to be interrupted in the midst of her daily tasks.

We tried to be quiet and mellow to let mama bird know we came in peace.

The birds were gorgeous. And in that moment, eternity burst through. We were touched by a sense of mystery and…

Roger Butts

Author: Seeds of Devotion

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